SCHUYLER D. ERLE is a free software developer, activist and technologist. He works in digital cartography, wireless networking, and intelligent search. He founded the first open-source web mapping framework OpenLayers and co-authored Mapping Hacks and Google Maps Hacks. He is a founder member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and the OSGeo Foundation. He helms the Topomancy Pacific Command anchored in San Francisco, California.



Dr SHEKHAR KRISHNAN is a social scientist, historian and archivist. He works in urban studies and policy, historical geography and heritage conservation. He is currently writing a book called Plotting and Scheming: The Redevelopment of Colonial Bombay, 1896-1926 based on his doctoral research. He is an advisor to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). He helms the Topomancy Southern Command anchored in Mumbai, India.



TIM F. WATERS is a free software and geo-spatial web developer. He works in environmental and geographic information systems (GIS), urban planning and cultural and media tourism. He occasionally consults for the Leeds County Council. He is a founder member of the Leeds Psychogeography Group and a member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. He heads the Topomancy Atlantic Command stationed in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.



SANJAY BHANGAR is a free and software developer and media artist. He works in geo-spatial, web mapping and visual media. He helped develop the and digital archives for documentary and historical films and the open source media annotation platform. He is a founding member of CAMP, and has worked for MapBox and the Karnataka Learning Partnership. He mans the Topomancy Coastal Battery in Mumbai, India.

Special Thanks

Matt Knutzen and David Riordan, New York Public Library (NYPL); Jane Mandelbaum, Library of Congress; Josh Greenberg, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; Mikel Maron, Groundtruth Initiative; Karen Menezes, Mumbai, India; Neel Krishnan and Andras Pokorny, Brooklyn, New York.